The FRET community provides a platform for discussions and exchange and represents the field within the scientific community.


The FRET community provides dissemination through freely-available resources and the organization of regular workshops on methods, instrumentation and analysis procedures.


The FRET community will work towards standardizing experimental and analysis procedures by organizing experimental and computational community challenges.


Satellite meetings at BPS and MAF 2020

We are happy to announce that last year’s events at the Biophysical Society Meeting and the Methods and Applications in Fluorescence Conference will make a return in 2020.
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FRET – an evolving field

Over the past decades, Förster resonance energy transfer has evolved into a routine tool in the life sciences. Inspired by our recent joint study on the precision and accuracy of FRET, we hope to channel the efforts of community to advance the field within the scientific community.
To the right: The number of publications per year containing the keywords “FRET” or “single molecule FRET” in the title or abstract (Source: Web of Science).

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Latest News

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The community is just getting started. If you have ideas, feedback, or would like to get involved by organizing activities within the community, please use the contact form below.

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