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The FRET community serves as a hub for joint scientific efforts in the field of Förster resonance energy transfer.

(The website is currently under construction.)


Provide a platform for discussions and exchange within the FRET community.


Provide dissemination through freely-available resources and the organization of regular workshops on methods, instrumentation and analysis procedures.


Standardize experimental and analysis procedures, define community-wide reference samples and measurements and organize experimental and computational community challenges.

Latest News

Satellite Workshop at MAF2019

The FRET workshop at MAF 2019, UCSD San Diego, concluded. Find the program and further[…]


kinSoftChallenge2019 aims to find the best tool for extracting kinetic information from single-molecule traces. Registration[…]


FRET workshop at MAF2019

A satellite workshop was held at the Methods and Applications in Fluorescence meeting at UCSD, San Diego, August 19-20, with the aim of providing dissemination for beginner and intermediate users of FRET and discussing community efforts.

On the first day, lectures provided the historical context of the discovery and mathematical description of FRET and discussed different approaches of measuring FRET on the single-molecule level and live-cell imaging. In addition, breakout sessions discussed practical aspects of performing measurements, preparing samples and the workflow of data analysis in solution-based single-molecule FRET.

On the second day, various approaches for measuring dynamics in single-molecule FRET and image correlation spectroscopy from nanoseconds to seconds-minutes were presented. Application talks discussed FRET experiments in viruses, fluorescent-base analogs and the combination of FRET and super-resolution microscopy.


“FRET in Biophysics” at BPS 2019

During the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society Meeting and in coordination with the Biophysical Society and the Biological Fluorescence Subgroup the “FRET in Biophysics” discussion forum was conceived to rally the scientific community with special interest in quantitative fluorescence methods, with emphasis in Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET). Expert panelists were invited to provide different perspectives on (i) quantitative FRET imaging, (ii) future opportunities for quantitative FRET, (iii) the users view of FRET, (iv) FRET for kinetic analysis, and (v) challenges in software development with focus on interoperability. The panelists highlighted the strength of fluorescence image spectroscopy to address challenging cellular biophysical questions, presented cutting edge development in single-molecule FRET, reported on the challenge in empowering non-experts to use fluorescence as an analytical technique, and the need for lab-wide documented implementation of published and tested algorithms and data exchange formats for fluorescence based integrative modeling and inter-operable software. The short presentations were preceded by polling the community into FRET challenges: activities that serve to establish recommended procedures, validate algorithms and convey the quantitative aspect of FRET in benefit of the FRET community. In the open panel discussion, the participants agreed that (i) the organized dissemination of knowledge, (ii) the recommendations, validations, and data sharing without impingement of scientific freedom, (iii) and an improved participation of the field are essential for further development of the field.

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