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As a member of the FRET community, I want to support the efforts for advancing the use of FRET studies in basic and applied research. The FRET community serves as a hub for dissemination, joint  experimental or computational challenges, community-driven development of analysis tools, sharing data and tools, establishing guidelines for documentation and validation of experiments, analysis and simulations, and advance the presence of FRET among the scientific community.
To become a part of the community, please fill out the registration form below. Registration to the FRET community will subscribe you to the mailing list and allow you to cast your vote for the election of the advisory board and steering committee.
Registrations without official (university or company) email address and/or inufficient personal information can be deleted.
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Please define your current career status based on the categories listed below.

Early-state researchers in academia*: Any person considered to be in training, i.e. members of undergraduate, master’s, Ph.D. programs or postdoctoral trainees.

Young investigators in academia*: Researchers who are in a tenure track position but are currently non-tenured.

Industry, Instrument facilities, journal editors and other: Members of the industry and facility directors, lab managers, editors or other members with non-tenure track positions in academia or industry.

Senior researchers in academia*: Academic researchers who are tenured and/or have a research group leader position. 

*Academia covers (based on examples from Germany and the USA, but not limited to) public or private universities, schools of applied sciences, colleges, etc., and private (St. Jude, Max- Planck-Society, etc.) or governmental research institutions (NIH, Helmholtz, Leibnitz etc.). In case of uncertainties, please contact us.

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