Young investigatorAlexander Silberman Institute for Life SciencesThe Hebrew University of JerusalemIsrael
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I am interested in conformational dynamics of biomolecular systems. I have been using both ensemble- & single-molecule FRET to study systems such as Adenylate Kinase, the B-domain of protein A, the bacterial transcription initiation complex and recently early oligomers of alpha-Synuclein.

In recent years, I have been heavily involved in developments of opn science practices in FRET. These include: open source-code software tools organized on the open single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy project (openSMFS; initiated in the Weiss lab), promoting data reproducibility through deposition of raw data and full analysis documentation, preparing Jupyter notebooks including full recipes for common tasks for the use of others, etc. I intend to keep on helping bridge the gap between many practitioners as well as newbies to FRET, through promotion of open science practices, open data & open code. With that, I hope we will be able to form a unite community.

Selected Publications:

  1. Ingargiola A, Weiss S, Lerner E. (2018). Monte-Carlo Diffusion-Enhanced Photon Inference: distance distributions and conformational dynamics in single-molecule FRET. J. Phys Chem. B. 122(49): 11598-11615
  2. Lerner E, Cordes T*, Ingargiola A, Alhadid Y, Chung S, Michalet X, Weiss S. (2018). Towards dynamic structural biology: Two decades of single-molecule Förster resonance energy transfer. Science. 359(6373): eaan1133
  3. Lerner E, Ingargiola A, Weiss S. (2017). Characterizing highly dynamic conformational states: the transcription bubble in RNAP-promoter open complex as an example. J. Chem. Phys. 148(12):123315
  4. Lerner E, Chung S*, Allen BL, Wang S, Lee JJ, Lu WS, Grimaud LW, Ingargiola A, Michalet X, Alhadid Y, Borukhov S, Strick T, Taatjes DJ, Weiss S. (2016). A backtracked and paused transcription initiation intermediate of Escherichia Coli RNA polymerase. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 113(43):E6562-E6571
  5. Ploetz E, Lerner E, Husada F, Roelfs M, Chung S, Hohlbein J, Weiss S, Cordes T. (2016). Förster resonance energy transfer and protein-induced fluorescence enhancement as synergetic multi-scale molecular rulers. Scientific Reports. 6:33257
  6. Ingargiola A, Lerner E, Chung S, Weiss S, Michalet X. (2016). FRETBursts: An Open Source Toolkit for Analysis of Freely-Diffusing Single-Molecule FRET. PLoS One 11(8):e0160716
  7. Lerner E, Ploetz E*, Hohlbein J, Cordes T, Weiss S. (2016). A Quantitative Theoretical Framework for Protein-Induced Fluorescence Enhancement-Forster-Type Resonance Energy Transfer (PIFE-FRET). J. Phys Chem. B. 120(26):6401-10

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