FRET Community Meeting at BPS 2020, February 15 11am-12pm

Dear FRET community member,

while the community is growing, we are steering towards the election of the inaugural advisory board. As the election procedures were not evident to everyone, we thought it appropriate to extend the deadline for candidate nominations to the 28th of February, with elections being held thereafter. We would appreciate if you could help spreading the word.

This extension allows us to utilize the business meeting at the Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society BPS2020 for further discussions. The meeting is held under the umbrella of the Biological Fluorescence Subgroup. It will take place in Room 29C at the San Diego Convention Center from 11am – 12pm on Subgroup Saturday, February 15, 2020. Registered community members not taking part in the BPS meeting can follow the discussion in a live stream (recording).

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Introduction and current state of the FRET community
  •  Announcement of the upcoming election of the advisory board and listing names of candidates
  • An open discussion regarding the current state of the field to identify key challenges and problems and to set an agenda to establish FRET as a standard tool in dynamic structural biology
  • Discussion over potential themes to be included in the program for the satellite meeting at MAF2020

We hope to see you soon in San Diego.

With best regards,

Anders Barth, Hugo Sanabria and Claus Seidel

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